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December 14, 2019
Accessing State Databases and the Kansas Library Card
What is the Kansas Library Card?
The Kansas Library Card is your entry to online library resources, including high quality information and research databases. You cannot use it to check out books, magazines, tapes, videos, CDs, DVDs, or other library materials from a library.

Do I need a Kansas Library Card to access the databases when I’m in Kansas?
Generally, no.  The exceptions are listed below.

Exceptions to Direct Access without using the Kansas Library Card in Kansas:
There are a few instances when the Kansas Library Card is required to access those statewide databases.

Possible reasons you may be prompted for your Kansas Library Card number:
  • You are using NetLibrary or Empowered Desktop. These do not work with the state's automatic IP authentication, so they will not be found on the Online Databases list in the State Library of Kansas Online Resources.
  • Your ISP is out of state and your IP range is registered for a state other than Kansas.
  • You have a dial up provider (such as AOL) who does not list IP ranges by state, so they cannot be verified.
  • You have a satellite internet provider (same as bullet 2).
  • Your local ISP does not have all of your IP ranges registered for Kansas (even if it is in state).
  • You are traveling outside the state of Kansas.
  • You are accessing Kansas Digital Book eLending. These resources ALWAYS require a Kansas Library Card login.
As more areas of the state move to a broadband internet connection, it is hoped that more patrons will be able to connect without the use of the Kansas Library Card.

What is the website address to the Kansas Library Card?
Kansas Library Card Website

What databases are available?
A current list can be found at:
State Library Databases OR 


Audiobooks, Music and More: 

This growing statewide collection includes thousands of audiobooks for readers of all ages, plus music, video and ebooks.  The majority of audiobooks are compatible with most types of mp3 players, including iPods.  Install the free OneClickDigital Media Manager software to manage downloads and transfer files.  E-books platforms include 3M Cloud, Freading and Enki.

Need help? Contact the State Library of Kansas at 800-432-3919.

Whom do I contact?
I’m a Kansas Librarian in the SCKLS Region. Whom do I get our library’s administrative login and password from?
Stefanie Gostautas, Technology Projects Specialist, 800-234-0529, x. 100

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